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I am Vaidehi

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27th July '96

+91 9511711469

A-002, Universal Meadows, New Sneh Nagar, Nagpur, MH 440015

I am a UX designer, an Architect, and a Resin Artist.

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Architecture from SMMCA College in Nagpur, MH, India.



  • During my studies, I interned at Ashok Mokha Architects (AMA) in Nagpur.

  • I also started my art page @vaidehi_art and learned fluid and resin art. I have always been interested in creative things and different art forms.

  • While pursuing my degree, I conducted a couple of workshops for fluid art and resin art.

Ashok Mokha Architect
Intern Architect
Jan 2020- Oct 2020

Vaidehi Art
Launched the website

  • As I pursued my passion for art, I realized the need to give my creations a platform.

  • That's when I decided to design and launch my website in 2021, which I named

  • I remember how nervous and excited I was while choosing the domain name for my store.

  • The process was nerve-wracking yet thrilling, but I am proud to have executed something that I had no idea how to even start with.

Design Inside
Junior Architect
Mar 2022- Nov 2022

  • After completing my degree, I joined Design Inside and was given the freedom to design on different typologies.

  • I learned that designing houses is not just about aesthetics but also about solving clients' problems.

  • I interacted with clients directly, gaining insight into their preferences and ideas, and used that information to inform my designs.

  • This experience instilled in me a great deal of confidence and taught me the importance of effective communication while designing.

  • I had the opportunity to design houses, farmhouses, and restaurants, and even represented the company in multiple exhibitions.


Vaidehi Art
Resin Artist



Kriti Interior Studio
Architect & Interior Designer
Jan 2023 - Jan 2024

  • In 2023, I decided to take a break from my job and focus on upgrading my small business.

  • That's when I discovered the world of UX design. Initially, I thought it was just about improving the aesthetic appeal of my brand with new tools and branding.

  • However, as I dove deeper into the Google UX design course, I was amazed to find out how many critical aspects of user experience we often overlook.

  • The process was incredibly relatable and fascinating, especially since I have always been interested in psychology and understanding how humans work.

  • My interest in user experience design only grew stronger, and I knew I wanted to pursue it wholeheartedly.

  • During my learning experience in UX design, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kriti Interio Studio on various interior design projects.

  • Specifically, I focused on designing residential homes and managing clients from material selection to the execution of the designs.

  • This involved working closely with the clients to understand their preferences and concerns, and then translating those into effective design solutions. Throughout the process, I honed my skills in communication, project management, and attention to detail.

  • Overall, this experience was an invaluable part of my professional development and helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of user-centered design.

  • At AMA, I conducted extensive research on sustainable building materials

  • I also worked on existing Glocal Mall Square Project, Koradi Temple and Residential Projects, Nagpur

  • Created detailed 3D models and presentations that improved client understanding


  • I remember a conversation I had with a friend in 12th grade. We talked about choosing fields, and I shared my desire to design apps and websites without the coding aspect. I chose a different degree at the time, but now I'm here, learning the value of UX design and taking a big risk by transitioning fields.

  • In order to boost sales and marketing, I organized numerous exhibitions where I showcased my products.

  • These exhibitions helped me in building my network and increasing brand value.