​About the Artist 

Vaidehi Merchant was born in Mumbai, India, she has been drawing since she was 3 years old. A lifetime of doodling, art, practice, patience and a passion for her culture has now blossomed into a side career.


Vaidehi Design was born from creating simple henna tattoos on friends for fun, these simple designs evolved into beautiful, intricate henna designs created for people of many cultures. Vaidehi has won many awards for her art in both India and in the US. At the tender age of 8 she received an award for a painting from Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. Ms. Merchant is a graduate of The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters degree from University of Michigan in User Experience Design.


Her Henna work has been featured on Maharani Weddings, Channel 4 News, Knot  and Jeep Advertising Competition. Just to name few of her achievements.

Henna Tattoo Artist in Michigan

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